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Welcome to the website of Llyr Gruffydd - Member of the Senedd (Welsh Parliament) for the North Wales region, covering the counties of Wrexham, Flintshire, Denbighshire, Conwy, Arfon and Ynys Mon. 

Please use this website to learn more about Llyr, his work in the Senedd and our local communities, and to get in touch if Llyr can be of assistance.


Latest news

‘Save Our Surgeries’ campaign to restore funding for GP services in Wales.

  Llyr Gruffydd MS has urged the Labour Welsh Government to adopt BMA Cymru Wales ‘Save Our Surgeries’ key campaign to restore funding for GP services to 8.7% of the existing NHS Wales budget.   Llyr Gruffydd said- “GP practices are the gateway to the NHS. But as we are on the verge of witnessing the 100th practice closure in Wales in just over a decade, it’s a stark realisation that the sector is in crisis. We know that access to these services are symptomatic of capacity issues. It’s a vicious circle of GPs retiring earlier or leaving the profession due to increased workloads, leading to further strain on the remaining workforce. This is all symptomatic of chronic underfunding from the Labour Welsh Government who fail to even acknowledge the scale of the problem.” Since 2012, the number of GP practices have dropped from 473 to 374, with a number of GP practices also being managed directly by health boards due to partners handing back contracts. The total number of GPs in Wales has also decreased by more than 400 in ten years due to increased work pressures and reduced budgets. There is widespread disquiet across north Wales, as access to GP practices was a growing problem and that there were more health board-managed practices in the Betsi Cadwaladr region than in the rest of Wales put together. Llyr Gruffydd added- “A Plaid Cymru Government would recognise that the problems in our health service run deep and would take immediate action to address the problems in primary care. Alongside reversing a decade of cuts and restoring the general practice budget to 8.7% of the NHS spend, Plaid Cymru will work with the profession to develop a retention and training programme to recruit 500 more GPs over a two-term period. Bold action is needed more than ever to save our NHS. “The problem is one for all parts of Wales but is particularly acute here in the North, where we have 13 managed practices and huge problems with GP practices in terms of recruitment and retention. In recent months I’ve met with GPs in the Deeside, Wrexham and Conwy areas and it’s clear that the Labour government has no vision to ensure that this essential part of the NHS is safeguarded and strengthened. We need bold action.”

Will the government rectify the situation that leads so many disabled people into poverty?

  Yesterday in the Senedd Llyr Gruffydd MS asked if disabled adults in Wales are being plunged deeper and deeper into financial difficulty and asked -what will the government do to rectify the situation? In a question to Lesley Griffiths, the Cabinet Secretary for Culture and Social Justice Llyr Gruffydd asked- "Do you agree that the proposals to increase the cap on adult non-residential social care in Wales are ill-advised and do you acknowledge that this will actually plunge disabled people even deeper into financial trouble?" This question was tabled in response to reports by the Trussell Trust network in Wales that they distributed nearly 190,000 emergency food parcels in the 12 months from April last year. That's the highest amount of packages they've ever had to supply. In that period, 73 per cent of those people referred to food banks were disabled people, which is more than double the proportion of the population who are registered as disabled. Further to this, in a report by the Bevan Foundation released last year it was highlighted that the cost-of-living crisis is not affecting everyone equally, with some groups being especially hard hit, including people with disabilities. The report highlighted that disabled people sometimes, often or always struggled with the cost of essential items 10% more than the Welsh average. It also highlighted that 41% of disabled renters reported that they sometimes, often or always struggle to afford the essentials. Disabled people are amongst the most likely to report cutting back on or going without food or heating and are at a greater risk of being in debt than the general population. Research by disability charity Scope suggests that the cost of living is higher for people with disabilities, which shows that disabled households spend on average £625 more each year when compared with non-disabled households. In her response to Llyr Gruffydd, Leslie Griffith said "As a Government, you will know we've been working with disabled people to make sure they receive everything that they should do, and we also have the Welsh benefits charter, which I look forward to taking forward."    

Llyr Gruffydd asks if the First Minister regrets not doing more in response to allegations of historic institutional abuse in mental health units in north Wales.

    On Tuesday Llyr Gruffydd MS asked Vaughan Gething, the First Minister if he would revise his previous view on the allegations of historic institutional abuse in mental health units in north Wales.  This comes in the light of new evidence of the culture of abuse in units in the past. In his question to the First Minister Llyr Gruffydd asked- “Do you wish now to revise your previous view? Should you not have done more at the time to get to the truth? And do you now regret painting a very different picture when you were Minister, given that we now know that the reality was very, very different?”   It was revealed in recent weeks that the Nursing and Midwifery Council had taken steps to strike off a psychiatric nurse after a hearing for what they describe as institutional abuse at the unit, going back over 10 years. At the time of the alleged incidents of abuse Mr Gething was the minister responsible for health.   Mr Gething responded- “When I was both the Deputy Minister for health and, indeed, the Cabinet Minister for health, I was always really clear about the fact that there were significant failings in healthcare, and at the time when I made those comments, there wasn't the evidence to support the finding of institutional abuse. “What we did, though, was to have a searching investigation into what had taken place there, and, indeed, that continues now, not just in the one unit but actually to look at mental health services across north Wales. So, the Government, Eluned Morgan, has ensured that the Royal College of Psychiatrists have undertaken an independent review of mental health services to understand and provide assurance on progress that is being made against previous recommendations.”

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